Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday blog post! Hope your weekend was amazing and you woke up today with a grin and a positive mind-space! Let’s conquer the rest of the week, am I right!!! 

You know that feeling when you try on a pair of jeans, you instantly know they were meant for you? Well stumbling upon American Threads at the Summit in Birmingham, I just knew this dress was made for me. If I had to live in one garment for the rest of my life, this is it. I absolutely adore the elegant feeling of wearing a maxi dress. It’s breathability, movement and loose fabric makes this my number one boho style, perfect for summer in Alabama.


Blogger confessions part I.

I racked my brain and closet for that matter, how I wanted to style this dress. Honestly, after brutally attacking every accessory I own I decided there was no better way to showcase this wonderful maxi than on its own. (Any other bloggers know the feeling??) Just a pair of heels and some random flowers later, and BAM it’s a look. (BTW yes, I do realize the flowers make me look like a bridesmaid. I tried, and thats why they appear in only 2 photos.)


I’ve always been open to wearing just about any style, however, generally staying away from pieces that leave not much left to the imagination. I actually didn’t even pick this to try on for that reason alone. My amazing sales associate recommended this dress, I could not believe how amazing this fabric feels gracing my skin. I wear size small in dresses/tops for the most part, though I hadn’t realized it was a medium until I was walking out the door! I could have stayed with my normal size but the medium adds the extra length, perfect for a pair of chunky heels. With the small size, I would have paired knee high lace-up gladiator sandals. But I mean, who doesn’t love glamming up and being completely extra!

GET IT NOW!! Only medium and large are left!



Obviously these were taken at the Tuscaloosa River Market which I’ve been regularly attending every Saturday bright and early. The local farmers and shops are out of this world, fresh, healthy and so friendly!

I will be starting a health page along with lifestyle. Taking ‘lifestyle’ into a different direction focusing on mindfulness, wellbeing and self care. The health page is going to be workout and food focused.


Blogger Confessions CONT.

II. Blogging is hard

It is extremely hard to live on the internet. People can be mean, they can be your saving angels though too. It’s so important to have thick skin. You can’t please everyone, so do you, focus on the reason you started blogging and do it for yourself.

III. Income is inconsistent

Money comes through different streams: affiliate marketing, sponsored content, ad networks, ad sales, collaborations ect so it’s pretty impossible to keep a steady income. It’s freelance, just like any other freelance work. Sponsored content can take months for compensation! No weekly check or designated salary. Your income is all self-made, whatever you put into it is how much you make.

IV. Self-motivation

Like I mentioned, you are self-made. I’m my own boss and that is great, that’s what I’ve always seen for myself career wise. But it comes with a TON of responsibility as well. Only certain people can work for themselves. It is not a 9-5, it’s easy to just lay on the couch and forget about your business. You have to be incredibly hard working and self-motivated to keep going, create content, plan ahead, and literally document everything because you never know when you will need it.

V. People don’t understand it

It’s insanely difficult to please everyone, as I said before, I chose not to. I made a promise to myself to stay authentic, because of course my personal life is what creates my content. People will always scrutinize and judge ‘your business’. No matter how you explain what you do with your time people usually come to the conclusion “so you just take pictures and talk about them?” not really…. It makes things difficult when you’re out and about and just HAVE TO HAVE the random photo of the building because, well, aesthetic (blogger homies understand me).

VI. Blogging is for you because you love it

You have to love what you do. Its hard work, not all samples and free stuff. I spend hours every day planning, emailing, going through photos, and most spare time right here on my laptop. No one is telling me to post, I make those decisions because I love what I do.




Dress: American Threads | Shoes: Ann Taylor | Bracelets: Alex and Ani 

“We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” Carlos Castenada

XO, Maria