I truly believe everyone has a plan that is destined by God. We of course as humans make millions of choices every single day. Those choices I refer to as a ‘path’. God had this road map for every single person and those choices, even minuscule, decide the road that takes us to the final destination.

For the past few months, I’ve selfishly waited for a bright green sign that would let me know when to stop and turn. After waiting long enough, I decided to give up stalling and to go where I felt I needed the wind to take me. The choice I made to drive down south was to in a way, start over, and let go of things that brought me down, spiraling, for just too long.

We all have to go through some pretty bad times to make the good times mean that much more. Life isn’t going to always be dreary and testy. There are brighter days ahead that I can promise you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you have accomplished or have yet to accomplish, there are things or people in everyones life that need to be let go. To reach your full potential, it’s important to surround yourself with ambitious, motivated people that are just as ready to conquer the world as you are. Meaning, its time to let your anchors go. Anchors are the people that weigh you down and refuse to let you succeed.

Never give up on the idea of the impossible. Don’t let that anchor wrap itself too far around your foot. I can promise you that you will make it through every obstacle that is thrown your way if you simply believe in yourself.

I’m slowly learning to let those anchors go and truly focus on building the life I want for myself. Its been just over a week for me here in Alabama. In just this short amount of time, I’ve stopped hiding my smile, allowed myself to start swimming out of my rut, and I’m starting to see the good in this life again.



I was so excited when my sister called me about a week ago to let me know she was flying into Atlanta to meet with her Navy Recruiter. Atlanta is solid three hour drive east which gave me more drive time for anxiety. As scared and anxious as I was, I got in the car Tuesday morning, started driving and didn’t look back.

I picked up my sister Katie from the airport and we drove to the NRD Atlanta office. She signed over a book of paperwork and I got to witness as she was sworn into the Navy as an Ensign. I’m so proud, I could not stop crying over the whole experience. She will serve overseas in Japan as a Naval Medical Doctor upon completing Med School in southern Alabama. (Proud sis moment!)

We had no plan that day but to explore the city. I always get so giddy in Atlanta because it reminds me of a bigger Detroit, except with more traffic, tourists and economical stability. Tuesday was cloudy and a little bit rainy, but we made it work for a little photoshoot. We walked on foot for a few hours and made a mission for Zara (I have no Zara in Michigan or Alabama….), it’s like being in a candy store.

My outfit was definitely casual because we knew we’d be walking for a bit. These booties are from Macy’s and are generally comfortable. I’ve worn them around the North American International Auto Show and they’ve handled their fair share of walking. This olive green dress is from the Forever 21 Birmingham store (which is a complete nightmare) and I was lucky to find it in what felt like the land of lost toys. It is so light, flowy and probably the softest dress ever! It’s such a great price, but baby blue is the only color left so get it quick!  Of course I had my oversized black leather tote bag because I can’t go anywhere without buying something and it can successfully hold half my life. This outfit wouldn’t be complete without my ‘cowboy’ choker which is slowly becoming my favorite accessory. I included a similar hat and one thats on sale for $8 right now!!

Follow to the bottom of the post for links on my whole outfit.


Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Macy’s | Hat: Calvin Klein | Choker: Windsor similar here | Bag: similar here 

“So stop hiding that smile, allow yourself to swim to the top, and breathe that fresh air that you deserve. There has to be so much good coming your way because you deserve all of it, the world isn’t meant to keep you down forever.”

XO, Maria