LIFE UPDATE: HELLO FROM ALABAMA! I have finally settled into my temporary home after Sundays full day of driving from Detroit. I’ve driven the long stretch across country before, three times exactly. Previously, never blinking an eye, it was easy, it was a game. Now, I start shaking and feel the most anxious when I step into the car. The drive was long and exhausting. I cried a good handful of times (for absolutely no reason at all) and had to exit the highway (no lie) 13 times. Anxiety is not a joke, it makes the simplest task seem 1000 times worse. It is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

I was so scared as I got in the car with most of my belongings packed tightly like Tetris in my Jeep. I was so scared. Scared that I wouldn’t make it, scared that my car would suddenly break down, scared that I would drive off the road, scared that I would let go of the wheel. Fears, irrational or otherwise, consume my mind and my heart ached because nothing lets them go.

Without realizing, I was giving myself affirmations every once in a while. Literally that crazy girl driving yelling to myself “HELL YEAH MARIA YOU DID IT”, “YOU’RE IN OHIO YOU MADE IT”, and “YOU’RE DRIVING SO GOOD, I’M SO PROUD”. Yes, I was unbelievably proud of myself. Increasingly after every hundred miles. I’ve never felt more self pride as I did while I conquered my biggest fear. The scariest thing, the thing that gives me the most anxiety, I faced it head on, and survived. Thats all we can ask of ourselves is to not just break even or float along, but to survive, eventually grow and conquer. We are only humans but we are built by Him to do great things, if we let ourselves.

I was planning on sharing an excerpt from a lifestyle post based on real anxiety and depression, however it has sat as a draft in my folder because of the pure fear that my readers will know about my flaws. Thats just it, I’m flawed, everyone is, and I’m learning that those flaws make me unique in this internet world. I’m just your average blondie, as perfect as life looks online, all my other average blondies know life is most definitely not perfect behind the scenes. Motor City Blonde doesn’t always say or do the right things, but she’s learning, growing and dealing with her imperfections. Motor City Blonde is me, just your average girl from the north making my way in the world, hoping someone else can find reassurance in my words and in turn, I take comfort in what others have to say.


Throwing some real talk into the blog means a REAL GIRL daily look: This outfit is my everyday go to for running errands or if I know i’m going to be out and about all day. I generally throw on my favorite Detroit Tigers baseball hat, a bodysuit, black skinnies and my favorite puma sneakers. Such an easy look to recreate, dress up or down! Hotter days, just throw on a pair of high waisted black shorts. I’m so obsessed with being comfortable which is why most of my outfits are every day urban looks. Speaking of which, these PUMA sneaks are TO DIE FOR. I’m such a PUMA girl over Nike or Under Armour. I genuinely feel like puma is the best quality athletic wear at a reasonable price. Their sneakers are much more comfortable than Nike and don’t fall apart as quickly. I’m so lucky to have a Puma outlet near my apartment in Michigan and cleared out the store before I left.

Looking cute is always better when it feels good too.

Follow to the bottom of the post for outfit details and where to get these pieces.


Top: Forever 21 ($8) | Jeans: HM similar | Sneakers: PUMA |  Bag: Coach  | Bracelets: Alex and Ani

XO, Maria

“Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”-Blair Waldorf