By the time this goes live, I will have already been settled in at my temporary home in Alabama. The night before I left Michigan, we had dinner at a restaurant I’ve been dying to go to! Back story- I actually grew up in the house directly behind this restaurant and distinctly remember the smell of fish on Sunday mornings. Strange, I know, but their fish Sundays were always booming! Long story short, multiple name changes and like 3 new owners later, it’s now Fork N’ Pint on Cass Lake in Waterford Michigan. Let me tell you, I was blown away from the minute we drove up. I knew I wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather, there was no wait even with a full parking lot and we had our choice of table outside. Judging from initial impression, the latter is the most welcome, offering high quality American eats at an incredibly affordable price.

As a veteran of the service industry, I’m generally a patient customer to wait on. Luckily, I didn’t have to be! Sydney our server, was excellent. She was obviously busy with a section inside as well as outside but she gave us the perfect amount of time to sit down and look over the large beer and whiskey selection before greeting us. We started with a local beer on tap (Oh lord I feel old, for the life of me I can’t remember its label). However, her recommendations were to the T, we started with the nacho appetizer and I was craving some fish and went with Seared Ahi Tuna. Before taking a bite of the fish, I could smell the smokey flavors off the tuna, and it was cooked too perfectly rare.

After the appetizers, the main entrees were presented promptly. The Margherita pizza was the first thing I saw on the menu and could not pass it up! I’m not sure if a pizza god cooked this dish but the crust was beautifully done. I was nervous about getting pizza to begin with because I haven’t had cheese in weeks, but the mozzarella was so fresh it was the perfect treat. The flavoring was well done however the garlic zest was overpowering. My personal preference doesn’t include garlic at all (for some reason who knows) but after the second bite, the garlic actually added the right amount of flavor to the already colorful ‘Za.

Jeremy ordered a burger, his customers at work had been raving about Fork N’ Pint meats, he was excited to try it himself. He ordered the Muenster Monster Burger, which delectably came with smoked sausage, fried onions, cole slaw and a house sauce. Not only was it a massive 10 ounce patty but the steak fries were piled high on the side of the dish. He was so impressed he barely ate it! And also very full from the nacho appetizer.

The food menu is one long menu, however, the selection is a wide range of American dishes done well. The atmosphere was not too loud, not to quiet. Strung elegantly were strands of large bulb lights around the deck seating area, and off to the south was the most peaceful view of Cass Lake. Fork N’ Pint is a place to definitely bring friends back to.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I RARELY eat out. I decided a few months ago to cut dining out for multiple reasons. One, you can never be sure what really goes into the food at a restaurant. Whereas at home, you are the chef making the decisions. Two, its expensive as hell! I’ve saved so much money in the past three months than in the past year from eating at home and meal prepping. Lastly, eating out is my treat. When I’ve had the worst day ever or I’m celebrating, dining out is just a really great way to genuinely feel better. Same with fast food, a Big Mac can turn into a big smile really fast if its something your body can distinguish as a delicacy!

So thank you Fork N’ Pint for the wonderful experience and indulgence, I cannot wait to come home and try much more of what you have to offer.



On to more adventures,

XO, Maria