“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it.”– Joel Osteen

I’m making some changes, things I need to do for myself to feel better and grow into a better person. I have been selfishly waiting for a sign from God that would show me the way. Any realist would say, you need to ‘decide your own path’ however, I’ve been holding on for months believing there is something else I’m supposed to be doing. Finally last weekend, I received my first sign. Then again a few days after that and again! After all this time, I think I understand which direction I’m supposed to be headed.


I’m excited to announce that I will be taking extended time away in the south. Going down south is what I feel I need to do to begin finding myself again. I will continue to heal and recover, and spend as much time creating a positive energy that I once had. It will be a change of pace and new scenery to look forward to. I’ve found temporary doctors within the area for the time being.

A few of my personal goals when I move begin with cultivating a positivity habit. As I’ve been preparing to leave, I noticed how negative emotions have affected myself and the people around me. Negativity creates a cloud and leads to a small scope of focus and restricts the mind of opportunities and ideas. As I’ve done research on how powerful negative emotions are on the human mind, I’ve realized that positivity encourages people to plan ahead, and take on activities they might normally stray from. I’ve created a list of things I plan to accomplish which are things everyone can do. This includes:

1. Preparing your environment- A huge effect on how successful a person is, is the actual environment we try to build new habits in (or break old ones). The people we spend the most time with, the messages we hear or tell ourselves daily and the place we live around is the general environment. There are so many things to ensure your environment is conducive to building your specific habits.

  • Hang out with the right crowd, who are ambitious to grow into better people.
  • Join a supportive community online who are interested in the things you like.
  • Read blogs and books that inspire you to do your specific habits.
  • Have reminders all around you. (i.e. a dream board, a calendar, or journal)
  • Create accountability for days missed, reward yourself for milestones.
  • Have a person you can talk to, motivate each other every single day.

2. Meditate: 3 minutes is okay- Meditating is so beneficial for the mind and body. It improves positive thinking and mindfulness. Studies have shown that meditating decreases illness and increases feelings of purpose. Starting small works for most people to develop a habit. After days of small meditating, you can slowly increase the time of your sessions.

3. Eat well- Eating healthier dishes every day will not only cleanse your soul but also your mind. Consuming less sugar is the first step. I swear sugar just clogs my arteries and makes me feel lazy, unmotivated, and to put it nicely, disgusting. Try cutting certain things out of your diet, maybe dairy or gluten. Ask your doctor about a specific diet that will work for you. I previously began cutting dairy out of my diet, no cheese whatsoever, and I feel better already! My new favorite thing ever is meal prep! It’s so easy to cook a ton of rice, sauté a pan of naked vegetables and throw them together in containers for dinner! I’ll do a post on my lazy-hack stir fry that I’ve been obsessed with lately.

4. Take note of one positive moment every day- Noticing the good things that happen in your life everyday has literally proven to be successful towards positive thinking. The effects last longer than when your doing the exercise. I mentioned before about creating a dream board, this is something I’m taking down south with me. It can be in a journal, a cork board or even a large desk calendar, anything that you can fill with your favorite sayings, photos, and things you hope to accomplish. Right now mine is filled with daily, and monthly goals as well as photos of the car I want to purchase next, and things that make me happy. This serves as a reminder of the things that help us keep moving forward every single day.

5. Find your sanctuary place- Sometimes you feel down, it happens, it’s apart of life. The negative emotions no matter how small can completely change your entire day or week. It’s easy to not see ‘the light’ and thats okay. I’ve found that when I’m down, I go to places that make me happy or make me forget about the bad emotions. This can be a place like your favorite park or somewhere you had good memories in your childhood. It can be absolutely ridiculous, it doesn’t matter. It just needs to be somewhere you relate too. As crazy as it sounds, I found 3 sanctuary places which includes Target, Costco and the park near my house. I have no idea why but as overwhelming as Costco is, I love it. Same with Target, those places make me feel calm and okay. You just need to find your sanctuary places and don’t be afraid if they seem silly, it’s about you!

I’m so excited for a chance to start over and I truly feel like this is the perfect opportunity to continue writing and chase my passion. I plan on maintaining and updating my blog with personal experiences, fashion, food and a new Southern lifestyle (which will probably include a lot of tea). Cheers to a new beginning in a somewhat unfamiliar place!


Thank you for all the love and support.

XO, Maria