Hello and happy Friday! This is my bonus post of the week to start getting into beauty and lifestyle on MotorCityBlonde! These products are so reasonable from target and can be used for almost anyone. Everyone has their own skin type and skincare routine, my skin is generally very oily, prone to blackheads and I have large pores. My morning routine is cleansing with a good soap- honestly my favorite right now is Mrs. Meyer’s brand basil or rhubarb hand soap. It’s light on the skin, yet completely cleans dirt and oil off my face better than any other soap. Mrs. Meyer’s soap is 98% plant based and is free of paraben, alcohol and dye. You can use the soap from basic cleaning to household cleaning to washing your face.

Every other day I exfoliate with Body Prescriptions Charcoal Purifying Cleanser Face Wash, this was so cheap I actually purchased it at Marshall’s for like $8.99. It is the perfect daily detoxifying face wash that de-clogs pores and gives my skin a really nice invigorated complexion. It is black so feel free to lather it on and go scare your boyfriend or girlfriend! I’m not sure if it’s still a baby company but I cannot find ANY link to Body Prescriptions online. I’ll include some similar cleansers in the widget down below.

After I have completely washed and exfoliated my face I use a sensitive skin facial moisturizer by SheaMoisture in the sent Peace Rose Oil Complex. Its not a heavy moisturizer which is perfect for someone with oily or dry skin. It does a great job balancing out tone and clears up my breakouts really well.

Three steps in the morning, thats it! Sometimes less is more for certain people rather than loading up with chemicals and a thousand different products like some beauty gurus do (it just isn’t realistic, come on).

At night before I settle down on the couch or if I know I’m in for the night, I will go straight to the bathroom and take all of my makeup off right away. When I personally have a lot of makeup on, my skin will get heavy, sore and oily. Taking it off right away will put my mind at ease and my face feel so refreshed. My favorite makeup remover/cleansing wipes are the Burt’s Bees cucumber and sage towelettes. I SWEAR BY THESE. I keep them in my purse at all times, as well as in both of my bathrooms and most importantly in my carry for any time I’m traveling. These wipes are a lifesaver and I will even use one to just wake up and feel refreshed. Cucumber and sage is the best smell too.

Before bed I always make sure all of my makeup or product is completely off that way while I’m sleeping the pillows won’t get dirty and therefore not create as much bacteria. Probably the most important thing to me is being clean while I sleep, we are in bed for 6-12 hours of the day, that means bacteria has that much time to do its thing! While keeping good hygiene, to have healthy clear skin I strongly believe washing your bedding once a week is just as important.

Lastly, once a week, or whenever you need some personal time put on a face mask. I found these Que Bella concrete masks at Target for like $2 EACH!!! I picked up a few to try and so far I can say they made my skin feel like butter! I noticed theres so much product in one sleeve that I could honestly use half and save the rest for another day. I love the Pore Minimizing mask, I’ve used two sleeves so far and they feel so similar to a luxe mask, but for $2!

Those are my favorite skin care products right now, simple and sweet and just as good as the expensive products! 


XO, Maria