Hello and happy Wednesday to all! Yesterday this post was planned to go live, however I’m currently sick with a cold thats been going around the city. It’s much easier for me to hibernate in bed for days since I’m still not cleared by the docs to go back to work or school. However, I remember just half a year ago, working 45+ hours a week, commuting to University 30 miles away and balancing a relationship on top of everything else that there was no time to be sick. I was up at 7am every morning studying or working and not getting home until 2am or later. With barely enough time to sleep, my diet was poor (not horrible, but not truly healthy), and I was exhausting my body every single day. I remember having Election day off in November and thinking that that had been my first REAL day off in almost a year. Not only was i exhausting my body pushing myself harder to do more in a single day, I wasn’t giving my mind time to regenerate and relax. At the time I thought I was superwomen and my young and agile age made it okay to be exerting every possible activity I could. I was organized in my own way, keeping a calendar in my phone of what had to be done. Now I look back and think of all the things I could have done to really make my life easier and healthier on my mind and my body.

I’ve decided to mix things up a bit and talk about healthy habits for everyone along with this fashion post. I genuinely believe you cannot look your best without feeling your best. Therefore, styling and healthy habits go hand and hand to be happy, stay motivated and be productive.

Here are 6 healthy habits for everyone!

1. Wake up earlier- (I know this is way over said by your mother, your boss and everyone else in your life)- but this tip will change your life. As someone who is able to sleep in until 3pm, its the worst possible decision if I want my body to continue healing. Set an alarm, get up when the alarm goes off. Don’t set 10 different alarms in the morning because we all know that just means you won’t actually get out of bed. Set just 1 alarm, wake up, you will have that much more time during the day to be productive and get things done. If you know you have work, or school or any other activities, wake up and get one or two things done before you have to leave. It sets the tone for the day (I cannot stress this enough). You will actually feel better and be in a way better mood during the day.

Now I know its hard to just wake up early, truly, especially in the winter months when its just so dark outside. So leave your alarm on, take the snooze option off and place your phone on a dresser or anywhere that isn’t your nightstand. You will be forced to go get it and knowing you don’t have snooze on will make you realize you have to get up.

Set up your coffee maker at night, or make sure your clothes are ready before you go to bed. Having something to look forward to will keep you organized and excited to wake up in the morning.

2. Make eating out, carry out and fast food a treat- being a real adult means buying food at the grocery store and ACTUALLY making meals at home. Not only is it super expensive eating out but its not healthy- even if you order a salad. When eating out, the most appealing drink is having a cocktail, a glass of wine or a beer. Not only are alcoholic beverages a pretty penny at a restaurant but you can never have just one!! (Unless you have serious self control, most people do not..) It’s not practical to eat out frequently and you don’t know what they are using to make your meals. At home, you control exactly what is going in your food and honestly it feels like your consuming a real work of art! It feels amazing creating a dish whether its simple as a recipe or you decided your a professional chef! Once you are in a habit of packing a lunch, and making dinner at home you will feel healthier (and look it too!).

If you are having a bad day, something went wrong or maybe everything went wrong, its nice to treat yourself with a carry out or fast food. When your body isn’t used to having fast food all the time, you will genuinely make yourself feel better with that bowl of ice cream or that BigMac on a really tough day.

3. Read a chapter every other day- This one is tough I know, you don’t have time, you are too busy during the day, you are too tired after work or school. Reading actually makes such a difference on the way we are and the way we speak. It doesn’t have to be non-fiction, you can read whatever you like but I find that forcing myself to read a little bit almost every day will keep my mind thinking and has helped me learn to really concentrate on whatever I’m doing. Right now I’m reading a book called the Normal Christian life, and not only does it help me clear my head when I’m going through a lot but also helps my mind go through the story plot. It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘The Art of War’ or ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ that you never got to reading, it will actually expand your vocabulary and knowledge. It’s like an exercise for your brain!

If you struggle with physical books, download an Audiobook app. You can pop some headphones in and still get a few chapters down.

4. Make a budget- This is the easiest thing to do. Map out how much money you have coming, put down your necessities (rent, phone service, electric, Gas, TV, netflix, insurance, car note, your nails that you have done every 2 weeks regardless) whatever you have left, you just write it down to budget it for the rest of the month or week. Keep at least 100 dollars a week for groceries, extra money can be spent on indulging in a Movie or budget in something your trying to save for such as the purse from Paris Fashion week that you’ve been dying for.

When you start realizing where your money is being spent, it will blow you away. When I started budgeting last year, I was in shock of all the pointless things I threw money away on. I’m talking about you Starbucks, Townhouse in Detroit, and those trips around town that did nothing but waste gas and miles.

Budgeting will help you truly save your hard-earned money, that way you will never worry when you go to a store and pray to God that your card goes through. This tip will ensure a true piece of mind day to day. When budgeting you can plan out how much to save each month for the trip you’re planning later in the year (NEW ORLEANS I’M COMING TO YOU!!) and you will know exactly how much you need and have.

5. Go for a walk- I can not express this enough. This will actually change your life. Its so important to just go walk every day. Its so simple but the fresh air will clear your head of anything going on, it’s so good for us we don’t even realize it. Whether it be walking around your apartment complex, your city or to the corner store. We stay inside so much, at home, at work, at school, people forget to get fresh air and stretch their legs. Take Brusier or Max for a walk, pop some headphones in or take a night time stroll with your loved one. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Jeremy and I found a park near our apartment and we make each other go every day without fail. Even if he’s had a long hard day at work, we still go to the park and walk and talk about whats going on in our lives.

Even if you don’t have time to get a workout in that day, walking consistently will keep you active and energized and can be used as a workout if you keep it scheduled every day.

6. Clean up right away- you may be thinking “duh, i’m an adult I clean all the time when it’s getting dirty”. This is such a wrong way to think. If you make a huge amazing dinner and every pot and pan in your kitchen is now dirty, don’t just leave them or make it kinda clean by pilling everything up in the sink. Its still dirty!! Clean those pots and pans and dishes as soon as you eat. If you wait until the night when your shutting the house down to go to bed, your body is telling you its time to relax. Not to go crush all the dishes that have been out for days. Same goes with leaving the kitchen dirty for another day or “I’ll do it in the morning”. No you won’t, you’ll be disgusted by the crusty pan and won’t want to endure the torture of slimy cooked-on food. When you clean up right away, you will feel better to lay down on the couch and not have the burden hanging over your head. Its so important to chose a day during the week for cleaning your home. Maybe you schedule a few different days for different parts of the home. This will make sure that when your friends come over, you wont be scrambling to hide the dirty dishes in the stove (LOL this happened once). You are an adult, your home reflects how you live your life. Same goes with your car, and no, not everyone is perfect but saving your trash and throwing it away will keep your life organized, clean and keep you healthy.


If you’ve taken these tips and implement them into your daily life, you will look and feel a trillion times better every day.

Top: FOREVER 21 | Jeans: Jolt Jeans- Nordtrom Rack similar here and here | Kimono: FOREVER 21 | Heels: Steve Madden | Bracelets: Alex and Ani | Necklace: Tiffany&Co.


XO, Maria