Jumping straight into Spring

This was my first time wearing a bodysuit and let me set the record straight- if you don’t own one, get one ASAP. Not only are they so incredibly comfortable but so classic and gorgeous! Trust me when I say this, I haven’t worked on abs in MONTHS so my tummy isn’t as flat or toned how I usually like but this bodysuit just flatters in all the right places. I have no fear of any extra tummy in this adorable white bodysuit.

If you were wondering what wonderful fabric was blowing in the wind against my legs, these palazzo pants made the cut for my top fav bottoms of spring. Who can’t resist soft silky forgiving fabrics? These palazzo pants look effortless and chic for spring or summer. Its basically like wearing a maxi skirt while you’re vacationing in the South of France.

I’ve come up with simple ways to wear these pants for all body types:

  • Balance the look by wearing a slim fitting top
  • Pick lighter weight materials that won’t add bulk to your upper body
  • Buy them long, it adds length to your legs and looks much better with heels
  • Embrace high waistlines, they flatter in the right places
  • If you have a pear shaped body, buy palazzo pants without pockets on the side-it just adds extra bulk
  • If you’re short, make sure the pants are fitted well at the top and don’t flare at the bottom as much
  • Any time you’re adding length, do not buy any horizontal patterns, stick to vertical stripes
  • Add a belt, it draws attention to your waistline. Many palazzo pants come with fabric belts which creates a hourglass look



Palazzo Pants: Forever 21 | Top: Missguided | Jacket: (old) H&M | Shoes: Nordstrom

XO, Maria