About Me

Hi I’m Maria, a 20 something fashionista raised in Metro Detroit. This blog is something thats been on my MUST DO list for years now. I hope to showcase urban styling, street fashion, yummy food (healthy and cravables), makeup, home decor, as well as archiving my travels. I decided to start my own little corner of the blogosphere while on my journey back to recovery and health.

This blog begins in the winter of 2017, the turing point of my life. Three days before Thanksgiving 2016, I was in an automobile accident. An accident that would change everything. As we drove to work 7:00 in the morning, someone had run my boyfriend and I off the road. Swerving to avoid the car, Jeremy had driven off the road and head-on into a power line. As a passenger in the vehicle, I lost consciousness as well as the feeling in both of my legs. At the hospital, the trauma center had evaluated me for hours as pain excruciated my whole body. I will never forget the words static in the air, “you’ve fractured L2 and L4 in your lumbar”. My back was broken, I had shattered my ankle and the airbags had forced my knee through my right eye.

This was it, this was rock bottom. I would have to leave school two weeks before finals, I could no longer work, my brand new car was totaled, and I would lose the normal life that I had. From working 50 hours a week and full time at the University, my new “normal” would be unable to walk and stuck in a bed unable to care for myself. How could God send me down this path? How was this His plan for me? Surgery after surgery there was no light at the end of the tunnel. The trauma led to severe anxiety, paranoia and clinical depression. Being confined to a walker, I could no longer feel joy or happiness.  “Recovery takes time”, every doctor would tell me, but that was not good enough for me.

Being confined to home, all I could do was pray and wait for my body to heal. I began watching videos and reading style blogs. I decided to do something that I love and reach for this dream that I’ve always had. So here begins Motor City Blonde, a life and style journey to keep me sane during my twenties.

Get to know me: mariameyer@motorcityblonde.com


XO, Maria